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Are you ready for a Thick Viscosity Builder Gel with Absolutely No Burn?


Introducing The Black Pearl Nail Academy's first product combo of "Sea-cret Weapon" Builder Gel and "Pearl-fect Non-Acidic Primer".  This combo will ease the trauma that your gel clients have endured from years of heat spikes and burn.  

No more snatching from the light

No more inconsistent curing

No more flat, structureless gel sets


This Builder Gel combo cures crystal clear with no bubbles in just 60 seconds under an LED light. Combined with our non-acidic primer it's the Pearl-fect combo for Deluxe gel manicures, Gel overlays and Gel extensions.  Give it a try. 

Pearl-fect Combination

$78.00 Regular Price
$54.60Sale Price
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