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The Black Pearl Nail Academy is the first independent, full-service manicure school in the state of Tennessee.  We offer multiple programs to include Manicure Hybrid Program, Manicure Apprentice Program, Master Instructor Program (Hybrid),  Licensed Professionals Training, and State Board Refresher Courses.

With over 28 years of experience in the manicure industry, our school was founded by Duriya' Caldwell in 2018 with the goal of providing training to those looking to specialize in a career as a manicurist without having to attend a full-service cosmetology program and for those looking to earn a license beyond apprenticeship to allow for easy transitions to other states when desired for career growth and ultimate earning potential.

In addition to providing full-service training, we also offer a program for teens and licensed professionals looking to update their skills.  The Black Pearl Nail Academy will soon provide nail suites for current licensed manicurists, estheticians and lash specialists along with conference centers and available space for PSI Theory and Practical testing.


The Black Pearl Nail Academy is an innovative, full-service manicure school in Memphis, Tennessee, dedicated to empowering Black Indigenous People Of Color (BIPOC) and the under-resourced. We provide comprehensive education and training in nail technology through a combination of classroom theory, practical application, apprenticeship programs, and clinical experience, all integrated with business acumen. Our mission is to equip these learners with the skills needed to achieve financial independence, professional growth, and to contribute positively to their communities as professional manicurists, instructors, or business owners in the field of cosmetology.

The Black Pearl Nail Academy Founder and Lead Instructor: Duriya Caldwell

Featured Photo: Graduates and Instructors from The Black Pearl Nail Academy


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