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Manicure Apprentice

The apprenticeship program consists of 300 theory (book) hours and 300 hours apprenticing with a 10-year tenured State of Tennessee licensed manicurist. After the learner has finished theory they must register through the state of Tennessee Board of Cosmetology and PSI to take their theory board exams. After passing the board exams he/she will complete the final 300 hours of practical (hands on) learning with their apprentice. Once they have finished the learner must register again to take their practical board exams.  All tests must be passed with a score of 70 or above.

 Before the learner can be approved for the apprenticeship program they must present the name and facility of the tenured licensed individual that they will be apprenticing with. That individual must be willing to sign a contract with TBPNA stating that they understand their responsibilities under the State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers Examiners Law as an apprenticing instructor. If the learner is unable to acquire an apprentice instructor they will not be able to enter the apprenticeship program. TBPNA does not solicit apprenticing techs for learners. Be aware that some states do not allow reciprocity of Apprenticeship Licenses and this program is not eligible for synchronous distance learning. 

Program Costs

Application Fee: $100

Essentials: $450 (Includes online program access for 2 years, PIVOT Point Study Guide, 2 scrub tops, 1 t-shirt and name badge)

Tuition ($8.34/Credit hour): $5,000

Kits: $1,000

Total Cash Payment: $6,550

Total Affirm Payment: $7,000

Monthly payments $625.00 x 8 payments

Biweekly payments $333.34 x 15 payments

Weekly payments $166.67 x 30 payments

Kits are 2 equal payments of $500 that must be paid before the student begins Practical.

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